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Release date:
March 1983
Catalog ID:
PLP - 002
Version desc.:
Poland, Gatefold LP
12" vinyl (33⅓ RPM)
None yet
Side A
1. Wysokie Sfery 04:59   Show lyrics
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2. Ludzie Jak Dynie 03:32   Show lyrics
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3. Nocny Sabat 02:48   Show lyrics
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4. Trzy Zapałki 05:11   Show lyrics
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Side B
5. Na Co Cię Stać? 04:02   Show lyrics
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6. Jeden Kroczek 04:09   Show lyrics
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7. Twoje Sumienie 03:25   Show lyrics
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8. Bez Podtekstów 04:57   Show lyrics
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Recorded in KAW studio, Warsaw, 15-27 November 1982.
Engineered by Jarosław Regulski & Wojciech Przybylski.
Designed by Ryszard Piekarczyk.
Photography: A. Karczewski, Mirosław Stępniak.

Remastered version re-released in 2005 by Metal Mind as a part of "Metal Box" series, together with English version of "Heavy Metal World". This release contained bonus tracks "Mass Media" (3:56) and "Wpadka" (Blunder, 3:15).

Title translations:
1) Upper Class
2) People As Pumpkins
3) Night Sabbath
4) Three Matches
5) What You Can Do
6) One Little Step
7) Your Conscience
8) No Undertones

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