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Crewed by the Damned


Release date:
October 17th, 2006
Catalog ID:
Bald Freak Music
6 reviews (avg. 60%)
1. Under the Black Flag 00:47  
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2. Welcome Aboard 03:10   Show lyrics
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3. Drink Up 02:28   Show lyrics
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4. Set Sail 01:19  
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5. Walk the Plank 01:49   Show lyrics
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6. What a Ship Is 03:14  
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7. Dead Men Tell No Lies 03:39   Show lyrics
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8. The Wooden World 01:46  
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9. "X" Marks the Spot 02:47   Show lyrics
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10. Rum Runners 02:10  
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11. Upon the Spanish Main 02:15   Show lyrics
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12. The Bazaar 01:05  
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13. Jolly Roger 03:44   Show lyrics
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14. Paradise Defined 01:34  
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15. Crewed by the Damned 04:38   Show lyrics
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16. A Fool's Errand 03:08  
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Band members
Commodore RedRum Guitars
Admiral Nobeard Vocals, Bass
Captain Crashride Drums
Rowin' Joe Po Guitars
Miscellaneous staff
Adam Vehige Artwork
Adam Vehige Artwork
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After "A Fool's Errand" there are two unlisted tracks:
17. Pirate Jargon (02:05)
18. Nautical Nonsense (00:26)
Total playing time: 42:04

"Nautical Nonsense" is a cover of the SpongeBob SquarePants theme song.

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