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Supuration Ultimate Session 1992-1993 (official bootleg #14)


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1. Prelude (rehearsal) 01:01   instrumental
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2. The Elevation (rehearsal) 05:10   instrumental
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3. Soul's Speculum (rehearsal) 01:25   instrumental
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4. 1308.JP.08 (rehearsal) 03:07   instrumental
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5. The Cube (rehearsal) 05:58   instrumental
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6. Through the Transparent Partitions (rehearsal) 03:58   instrumental
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7. Spherical Inner-Sides (rehearsal) 00:54   instrumental
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8. The Accomplishment (rehearsal) 07:08   instrumental
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9. 4TX.31B (rehearsal) 00:55   instrumental
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10. Back from the Garden (alt. version) 05:06  
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11. 1308.JP.08 (rehearsal) 03:07  
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12. 4TX.31B (rehearsal) 03:15  
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13. Sojourn in the Absurd (rehearsal) 03:51  
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14. Prolapse (rehearsal) 04:10  
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15. Puzzling Time (rehearsal) 04:55  
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16. Coma (rehearsal) 03:30  
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17. Isolated (rehearsal) 03:55  
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This is an OFFICIAL release by the band (Orcinus is the band's own label to release their "official bootlegs").

Recording information:

Tracks 1-9 recorded at CMA studio on Septembre of 1992. This session is made of instrumental rehearsals for the recording of the album "The cube".

Track 10 was recorded at the CMA studio on October of 1993. It's a previously unreleased version.

Tracks 11-17 were recorded at SH studio on May of 1992. It's a rehearsal recording.

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