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1. The Creeping Unknown 04:06  
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2. Isolated 04:02  
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3. In Remembrance of a Coma 03:48  
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4. Sultry Obsession 03:28  
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5. 1308.JP.08 02:54  
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6. Sojourn in the Absurd 03:50  
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7. Ephemeral Paradise 03:33  
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8. Reveries of a Bloated Cadaver 04:50  
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9. In Remembrance of a Coma 04:10  
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10. 1308.JP.08 03:00  
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11. Half-Dead 04:30  
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12. Hypertrophy / Sordid & Outrageous Emanation 04:18   Show lyrics
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13. Sultry Obsession 03:29  
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14. Reveries of a Bloated Cadaver 05:25  
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Laurent Bessault Cover art
Laurent Bessault Cover art
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Tracks 1-8: recorded in August 1991 at C.M.A. studio
All the tracks from the 1991 releases: The Creeping Unknown single, Isolated EP, In Remembrance of a Coma single, Empheral Paradise single, Promo Tape '91 demo.

Tracks 9-11: recorded in May 1992 at C.M.A. studio
The 3 tracks from the Obscurum per Obscurius 1992 compilation CD released by Reincarnate.

Tracks 12-14: recorded in October 1990 at C.M.A. studio
The Sultry Obsession 1990 EP (Sordid & Outrageous Emanations was also featured on the Appointment with Fear vol. 1 1991 sampler CD released by Cyber Music).

Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies. Repulse Records wanted to release the album and even advertised it at the time, but both the band and label were disagreeing on the artwork: Repulse wanted a "brutal" artwork while Supuration were sticking to Laurent Bessault's one... So they released it on their own.

Re-released (remastered) in December 2004 by Holy Records with brand new artwork (bottom one) and a bonus DVD featuring:
- ... In the Sphere (studio footage from the Still In The Sphere sessions)
- Incubation at SH studios (studio footage from the Incubation sessions)
- Incubation at Herison studios (studio footage from the Incubation sessions)
- «Variation on the theme 4TX.31B» video clip (4:3 & 16:9 versions)
- «The Old Mirror» video clip (4:3 & 16:9 versions)
Live footage from Official bootleg #07 (live au Rockline - 1992):
- The Creeping Unknown (4:00)
- Reveries of a Bloated Cadaver (5:15)
Live footage from Official bootleg #09 (live in Etaples) - 1994):
- Back from the Garden (4:44)
Live footage from Official bootleg #08 (live in Essen) - 1994):
- Through the Transparent Partitions (3:50)

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