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Nightshade Forests


Release date:
June 3rd, 1997
Napalm Records
4 reviews (avg. 95%)
1. Mirkwood 09:45   Show lyrics
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2. Kortirion Among the Trees 08:50   Show lyrics
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3. Flesh and Blood 07:54   Show lyrics
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4. Habbanan Beneath the Stars 07:15   Show lyrics
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Protector Guitars, Vocals on Track 1 & 2
Silenius Bass, Keyboards, Vocals on Track 3 & 4
Read How deep you long for death 90% autothrall November 20th, 2009
Read Melodic Minstrel Metal?... 90% DrummingEdge133 May 8th, 2009
Read It's like the best thing ever 100% webermg March 3rd, 2007
Read Metal or not - a true... 100% PK May 11th, 2004
This EP is made up of songs left over from the Dol Guldur sessions (except for the last song), and despite the different production is basically the second half of a double CD.

Reissued on CD in 2002 by Irond Records. For sale in the territory of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Baltic States only.

In April 2010, Temple of Darkness Records released a deluxe vinyl version. A picture MLP in a gatefold sleeve with insert, lyrics and certificate. Limited to 500 copies.

Reissued on vinyl by Napalm Records on November 1, 2013 in two versions:
-Copper vinyl in a gatefold sleeve, limit 300 copies
-Golden vinyl in a gatefold sleeve with an exclusive A2 cover art poster, limit 200 copies
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