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Live in Stjørdal

Stigma Diabolicum

Release date:
June 15th, 1990
None yet
1. Into the Promised Land  
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2. Thule  
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3. Fall  
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4. Fairytales  
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Band members
Fetophagia Drums
Pedophagia Guitars
Coprophagia Vocals
Miscellaneous staff
Marius Vold Recording
Fetophagia Drums
Pedophagia Guitars
Coprophagia Vocals
Marius Vold Recording
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Recorded live in Stjørdal, Norway, 15/06/1990. The band's first and only gig.

As with most of Stigma Diabolicum/Thorns' releases, this demo was never officially released. It has however, been heavily traded over the years, to a certain extent from the members themselves.
The sound is terrible as it was taped by Marius Vold on a used cassette where the original music bleeds through the tape. A different, rarer version exists, with sound taken from a videocamera (filmed by a member of Suffocation who played the same night).
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