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An Eternity in Sombre Nights

Spiritual Conquest

Release date:
January 10th, 2013
Catalog ID:
FIH03CD / FIH08Tape
Forged in Honour
None yet
Side A
1. Stand Proud 09:17   Show lyrics
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2. Memories of My Life 10:30  
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3. Thule's Last Resort 05:58  
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Side B
4. ...of Sombre Nights 11:30   instrumental
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5. Once Behind the Stars 08:04  
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Band members
Frank Von Wolfgeist All Music, Lyrics, Vocals
Miscellaneous staff
Dougless Cold Artwork
Frank Von Wolfgeist All Music, Lyrics, Vocals
Dougless Cold Artwork
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Forged in Honour 03 CD
Forged In Honour 08 Pro Tape
Music and Lyrics by Frank Von Wolfgeist 2012 a.y.p.s
Recorded in Autumn Months 2012 a.y.p.s

Recording information:

Recorded at Ymer Cabin in Fall 2012

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