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Spirit Disease > Annihilation
Spirit Disease - Annihilation
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What's God Got to Do with It?


Spirit Disease

Release date:
August 8th, 2006
Catalog ID:
Twisted Face Productions
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1. Annihilation 02:18  
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2. What's God Got to Do with It? 03:20  
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3. Defenceless Prey 04:02  
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4. Ultimate Sacrifice 03:13  
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5. Scared to Live (Afraid to Die) 03:06  
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6. The Deathlike Gloom 04:25  
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7. Wish You Were Dead 01:55  
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8. Covered in Warm Blood 03:21  
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9. Delusions of Grandeur 02:44  
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10. When the Walls Came Crumbling Down 03:23  
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11. The Reign of Tyranny 03:06  
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12. The Angel of Cancer and Plague 04:13  
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Koskinen Guitars
Riikonen Guitars
Sallanen Bass, Vocals (backing)
Tuberculosis Vocals
Toivonen Drums
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Recorded in March 2006 at D-Studio, Nurmijärvi, Finland.

This album almost never got made because of all the line-up troubles Spirit Disease faced in 2005.

"Ultimate Sacrifice" was originally called "Jokainen Ihminen Luodin Arvoinen", with completely different lyrics.

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