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Soupir Des Brumes / Fenguerous

Fenguerous / Soupir Des Brumes

Release date:
Helvete Production
None yet
1. Soupir Des Brumes - Oxide  
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2. Soupir Des Brumes - Suicide  
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3. Soupir Des Brumes - Mephisto  
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4. Fenguerous - Leather and Chainsaw  
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5. Fenguerous - More Skull for the Throne  
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6. Fenguerous - God Killer  
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Black Lestat Vocals
Goatlord Guitars (rhythm)
Magnus Guitars (lead)
The Undertaker Drums
Agarash Bass
Soupir Des Brumes
Tenebre Kommander Vocals
Geri Guitars
Hyldre Guitars
Oskri Drums
Druide Bass
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