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The Entity


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2 reviews (avg. 96%)
1. Human Recycling 04:22   Show lyrics
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2. Anger of the Inferior 04:18   Show lyrics
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3. Redrum 04:26   Show lyrics
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4. Blind 04:37   Show lyrics
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5. Vivisection 03:11   Show lyrics
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6. The Entity 04:22   Show lyrics
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7. Saturated 02:32   instrumental
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8. Sick Interment 03:30   Show lyrics
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9. Sororicide 02:08   Show lyrics
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10. Old 03:15   Show lyrics
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11. Withered Earth 03:43   Show lyrics
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12. Frightmares 04:21   Show lyrics
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Read An Enticing Entity 97% ResidualCod October 11th, 2008
Read Unique death metal gem from... 95% natrix December 28th, 2005

This album was distributed in Iceland by a label called Skífan. Released on CD with all 12 titles and on LP with the first 10 titles. It was limited to 1000 units on LP and 1000 on CD.

Initially the album sold well in Iceland, but then most copies wound up at sale markets for low prices. A few years later Platonic Records moved and destroyed a lot of its inventory. Sororicide got some copies just before the clean out and that is why they could sell them back in 2000.

Trivia: In 2000, 9 years after it's release, the band sold leftover copies of their album at their last gig for next to nothing. In 2008 a CD copy sold on Internet auction for over 600€ and another for over $2200! However the sales seem to have stopped in the recent times, considering most of them were buy-it-now auctions with similar prices as of 2008. In 2012 original copies have sold for more than 1.000 $ each.

ATTENTION: The CD-reissue 2007 by "Strike Force Records" is one of many cheap CD-R bootlegs made by the infamous bootlegger "vegascds" to cash in expensive / sought after CD rarities!

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