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Sombre Chemin > Notre Héritage Ancestral
Sombre Chemin - Notre Héritage Ancestral
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Notre Héritage Ancestral

Sombre Chemin

Release date:
April 2006
Catalog ID:
Nebelfee Klangwerke
1 review (avg. 65%)
1. Preludium 02:40  
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2. Des Temples Antiques... 05:04   Show lyrics
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3. Sang Et Terre 06:46   Show lyrics
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4. Crux Uncus 05:03   Show lyrics
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5. Subversion Du Monde Moderne 01:11  
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6. Regain Primordial 05:30   Show lyrics
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7. La Victoire Ou La Mort 03:35  
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8. L'aube d'un nouvel âge 07:30  
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9. Il Est Plus Tard Que Vous Ne Le Croyez 02:38  
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Band members
Weltanschauung Vocals
VilwolfHeim All instruments
Svartulv Vocals (female)
Miscellaneous staff
Svardath Lyrics
Weltanschauung Vocals
VilwolfHeim All instruments
Svartulv Vocals (female)
Svardath Lyrics
Read Moving Away From The... 65% Perplexed_Sjel November 16th, 2009

LP version released by Sabbath's Fire on 14th January 2008. Comes in full coloured gatefold limited to 514 hand numbered copies on brown vinyl. Vinyl's version includes 1 unreleased bonus track "Atavus".

Samples of Robert Dun's "Une Vie de Combat" (A Life of Struggle in english) are used.

Tape released by Hammerbund Kunstschmiede, limited to 300.

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