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Godhead Recordings
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1. The Ravenmaster 01:45   Show lyrics
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2. To Ride with Tyr 07:09   Show lyrics
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3. Graven Deep 06:57   Show lyrics
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4. Halcyon 03:08   instrumental
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5. Winter Moon Rapture 07:00   Show lyrics
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6. Gloves of Metal (Manowar cover) 05:23   Show lyrics
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Band members
Simon Matravers Vocals
Richard M. Walker Guitars
Gian Pires Guitars
Lee "Chaz" Netherwood Bass
Lennaert Roomer Drums
Byron Roberts Vocals (track 1)
Miscellaneous staff
Mags Engineering
Gary Querns Cover art (reissue)
Isentorr Design, Layout (reissue)
Byron Roberts Vocals (track 1)
Mags Engineering
Gary Querns Cover art (reissue)
Isentorr Design, Layout (reissue)
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Recorded spring 1995 at Academy Studios, England. Engineered by Mags, produced by Solstice.
Tracks 1 (The Ravenmaster) & 4 (Halcyon) are said to be traditionals.

Released in 1996 by Godhead Records as a MCD (few copies made as Godhead went bankrupt).

Re-released in 1997 by Black Tears Records as a 10'' limited to 500 copies. It included only the first 4 tracks and different cover art.

A remixed and remastered digipak version was re-released in 2000 by Invictus Productions.
Bonus tracks:
06. Only the Strong (08:18)
07. Winter Moon Rapture (07:00)
08. [Untitled hidden track] (05:06)

Tracks 6 & 7 were recorded summer 1994 at Academy Studios, England. Engineered and produced by Mags. These are different mixes of 'Lamentations' album tracks. Drums played by Lennaert Roomer.
Track 8 is 3 minutes of silence followed by computer game music.

Re-released with new artwork on the 30th of March 2007 by Cyclone Empire. It contains the following bonus tracks:
06. Winter moon Rapture (Chiswick Studio Demo 1994)
07. The Sleeping Tyrant (“Drunken Dungeon Sessions” Demo 1997)
08. Blackthorne (“Drunken Dungeon Sessions” Demo 1997)
09. Hammer of Damnation (“Drunken Dungeon Sessions” Demo 1997)
10. Neither Time Nor Tide (“Drunken Dungeon Sessions” Demo 1997)
11. Only the Strong (“Drunken Dungeon Sessions” Demo 1997)
12. Cimmerian Codex (“Drunken Dungeon Sessions II” Demo 1998)
13. Solitude (“Drunken Dungeon Sessions II” Demo 1998) – Candlemass cover with vocals by Karl Simon of The Gates of Slumber.
This edition has a tracklisting error. "Neither Time nor Tide" and "Only the Strong" are switched. You see the correct tracklisting above.

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