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Solemnity > Shockwave of Steel
Solemnity - Shockwave of Steel
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Shockwave of Steel


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1. Enter the Axeworld 01:08   instrumental
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2. Mephisto 05:11   Show lyrics
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3. Axe Attack 04:07   Show lyrics
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4. The Queen of Hades 05:52   Show lyrics
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5. The Book of Eibon 06:10   Show lyrics
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6. Shockwave of Steel 02:50   Show lyrics
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7. Red Monk 04:26   Show lyrics
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8. Bloodbath 05:28   Show lyrics
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9. Impaler 05:06   Show lyrics
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10. Воля и разум (Ария cover) 04:30   Show lyrics
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11. Chainsaw Lullabye 01:02   instrumental
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12. Black Horizon 04:42   Show lyrics
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13. Up from the Grave 01:37   Show lyrics
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Including a coversong by the Russian Heavy Metal legend Ария showing tribute to the most understated band in the Western hemisphere.
Maybe Solemnity can show their fans by doing this song that there is much more out there than Iron Maiden.
Strictly limited pre-release vinyl edition with different vinyl-colours and special DMM Mastering only for the vinyl release. Limited 500 pieces only.

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