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Solemnity - Circle of Power
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Circle of Power


Release date:
April 30th, 2012
Catalog ID:
None yet
1. Circle of Power 05:03   Show lyrics
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2. In Honour to the Beast 04:51   Show lyrics
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3. Surviving the Sun 04:42   Show lyrics
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4. Anubis 04:13   Show lyrics
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5. Return of the Hairf├╝hrer 02:47   Show lyrics
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6. Tower (Angel cover) 06:56   Show lyrics
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7. A Dragon's Tale 06:10   instrumental
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8. Unholy Angel 04:13   Show lyrics
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9. Lucifer's Light 04:40   Show lyrics
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10. Voodoo 05:12   Show lyrics
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11. Ludicrous Smiles (Savior Machine cover) 05:29   Show lyrics
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12. Queen of Ice 04:25   Show lyrics
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Recorded by Sven the Axe at Loudhouse, Senden in the mid of 2011
Additional drum recordings by Christian Schmid at Music Factory, Kempien
Mixed and mastered by Christian Schmid and Sven the Axe at Music Factory, Kempien in September 2011

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