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Soilent Green > Pussy Soul
Soilent Green - Pussy Soul
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Pussy Soul

Soilent Green

Release date:
February 14th, 1995
Catalog ID:
Dwell Records
1 review (avg. 64%)
1. Thirteen Days a Weak 04:37   Show lyrics
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2. Slapfuck 03:31   Show lyrics
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3. Falling from a 65 Story Building 03:27   Show lyrics
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4. Lips as So of Blood 04:03   Show lyrics
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5. The Wrong of Way 03:55   Show lyrics
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6. Needlescrape 06:04   Show lyrics
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7. Zebra Zombies 03:04   Show lyrics
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8. Keep Crawling 05:05   Show lyrics
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9. Twitch of an Eye 04:09   Show lyrics
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10. Golfers Just Love Punishment 05:02  
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11. Love None 00:51   Show lyrics
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12. Branding of Thieves 03:28   Show lyrics
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Brian Patton Guitars
L. Ben Falgoust II Vocals
Scott Williams (R.I.P. 2004) Bass
Donovan Punch Guitars
Tommy Buckley Drums
Read Stylistically cool but... 64% Noktorn June 25th, 2011

Rereleased & remastered by Dwell Records on 8/23/05.

Recording information:

Recorded & mixed at Side 1 Studio, Metairie, LA.
Produced by Soilent Green
Executive producer: Raul Caballero & M. Christian.
Engineered by Greg Troyer


Barcode: 027297100428

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