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Victims of Death


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Side A
1. Witchhammer 03:41   Show lyrics
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2. Devil's Attack 03:21   Show lyrics
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3. Let's Fight 03:10   Show lyrics
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4. Victims of Death 04:51   Show lyrics
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5. Life from Hell 03:04   Show lyrics
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6. Poisoned Blood 03:24   Show lyrics
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7. Satan's Conjuration 02:51   Show lyrics
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8. Witching Metal 03:04   Show lyrics
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Tom Angelripper Vocals, Bass
Aggressor Guitars, Vocals
Chris Witchhunter (R.I.P. 2008) Drums
Read Victims of Death 90% Noctir December 22nd, 2011
Read Now this is what I call raw... 85% BurntOffering May 28th, 2005

"Satan's Conjuration" is an early version of the song "Conjuration" on Persecution Mania.

The main riff on the song "Witching Metal" on this demo is a bit different than the version of In the Sign of Evil.

A 2005 Bootleg release called "The Sins of Sodom" contained both the "Witching Metal" and "Victims of Death" demos.
The Bootleg has the following tracks:

Tracks 1-4 are the "Witching Metal" demo
1) Devil's Attack 4:44
2) Witching Metal 3:19
3) Life from Hell 3:58
4) Poisoned Blood 4:42
Tracks 5-12 are the "Victims of Death" demo
5) Witchhammer 3:27
6) Devil's Attack 3:13
7) Let's Fight 2:59
8) Victims of Death 4:34
9) Life from Hell 2:54
10) Poisoned Blood 3:15
11) Satan's Conjuration 2:53
12) Witching Metal 3:02

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