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Sodom - Live στο Ρόδον
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Live στο Ρόδον


Live album
Release date:
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Side A
1. Συνέντευξη mε tον Michael Hoffman (Interview with Michael Hoffman)  
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2. Agent Orange   Show lyrics
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Side B
3. Iron Fist (Motörhead cover)   Show lyrics
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4. Eye for an Eye   Show lyrics
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5. Blasphemer   Show lyrics
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Tom Angelripper Vocals, Bass
Michael "Micha" Hoffmann Guitars
Chris Witchhunter (R.I.P. 2008) Drums
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The cassette accompanied an issue of the Greek Metal Forces Magazine.

The interview and the songs were recorded live at Rodon Club in Athens, Greece, on the band's tour for the "Better Off Dead" album.

Track 5 is misspelled as "Blasphymer".

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