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Sloth / Rwake

Rwake / Sloth

Release date:
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Shifty Records
7" vinyl
None yet
Side A
1. Sloth - Death Metal Bands Shouldn’t Say “Thank You”, Because It’s Not Very “Death Metal” 00:18  
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2. Sloth - Same Thing with Black Metal 00:24  
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3. Sloth - Why Do You Treat Us like Animals, Save a Lot 00:20  
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4. Sloth - Kurt Cobain Shot Himself Because He Discovered His Wife Is a Jew 00:18  
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5. Sloth - There Should Be Birth Control in Government Cheese 00:14  
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6. Sloth - Bungee Jumping Mishaps Are Funny. Tom Arnold Is Not, "He's Just a Jew" 00:19  
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7. Sloth - A Swarm of Killer Bees Attack a Bunch of Zombies 00:33  
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8. Sloth - Tribal Confusion Caused by Zombie Plague 00:31  
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9. Sloth - Topless African Women Bring to Naught the Zombie Plague 00:44  
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10. Sloth - The Part Before the Next Two Parts, "I Got Tired of Making Up Titles" 00:19  
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11. Sloth - I Enjoy Me Some Retards Parades "Especially When They Turn Violent" 00:23  
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12. Sloth - 1 Belgian Beer Glass, 1 Polish Beer Glass, And 1 Jagermeister Shot Glass 02:57  
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Side B
13. Rwake - Hell Is a Door to the Sun (live) 07:52  
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