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Sloth / Dingus


Release date:
Onion Mind Games
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1. Sloth - ball-bra  
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2. Sloth - when i heard "death"'s version of "judas priest"'s "painkiller", i was glad that chuck schuldiner got braincancer  
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3. Sloth - maniac gods from beyond the abyss  
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4. Sloth - ... about religion...  
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5. Dingus - The Vaseline Encounter" - Silicone kitten implants. They make life worth your beans. When you sing, you're meat. Meat. Song. Salad.  
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6. Dingus - Big Burlap Grandma" - Wood. Wood wax. Built on the premise of wood. Dirt is more than wood. Wood is more than our demise. Port wine poured on asses. Ass of the night.  
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7. Dingus - A Ho Ho Named Piss" - Hamburger, sandwich & clock! Water the plants or floss your teeth? Dad calls us "Beardbusters".  
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8. Dingus - Umbrella" - Michael is a park bench. Used pop cans and tripe litter the land. We are used to picking up and sitting down items on the fertile soil.  
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9. Dingus - "Dangerous Grand Finale" - Spectacular meat! Wandering robe of the abyss. Announce to us the coming of the Dead Battery Dingus!  
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7" black vinyl limited to 100 copies.
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