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The Princess' Day


Release date:
November 5th, 2001
Catalog ID:
US CD-060
Underground Symphony
3 reviews (avg. 65%)
1. The Princess' Day 05:43   Show lyrics
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2. I Will Cry Tonight 04:58   Show lyrics
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3. Journey Through the Fire 07:31   Show lyrics
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4. Another Life 04:03   Show lyrics
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5. Hope (Intro) 01:47   instrumental
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6. Rufus (Part 1) 05:46   Show lyrics
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7. Symbol of Freedom (Part 2) 07:19   Show lyrics
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8. The Tragedy 09:23   Show lyrics
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9. White Warrior 05:13   Show lyrics
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10. Princess Of The Snow (Instrumental Version) 08:12   instrumental
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Released as US CD - 060.
Also released as digipack limited to 5000 copies.

Bonus track:

10. Princess of the Snow (Instrumental Version) (08:12)

Korean version includes two bonus tracks:

10. Princess of the Snow (Instrumental Version)
11. Sleep (Savatage cover)

All songs written & arranged by Eddy Antonini.
Drums lines written by Eddy, arranged by Carlos except "Rufus" written by Brodo.
Vocal lines written by Eddy, arranged by Fabio, Eddy, Bob Gramm.
Guitar lines arranged by Pota & Eddy.
Bass lines arranged by Brodo & Eddy (solo on "Another Life" written by Eddy).
Keyboards and Orchestra by Eddy.
Instrumental break on Track 3 arranged by Brodo.
Recorded at Zenith Studios by Frank Andiver, Eddy & Brodo.
Voices & Choirs recorded at New Hammil Sound Station by Bob Gramm & Eddy.
Mixed by Brodo on Hard Disk Recording System; assistant mixing Eddy.
Track 10 and Orchestral part of Track 9 recorded and mixed by Bob Gramm & Eddy.
Mastered by Brodo. Final Process by Alberto Cutolo at Massive Arts.
Cover by Luis Rojo. Artistic producers: Eddy & Brodo. Executive producer: Maurizio Chiarello.
Graphic and Artwork Designer: Ricky Andreoni.

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