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Skellington > First Blood, First Demo
Skellington - First Blood, First Demo
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First Blood, First Demo


Release date:
None yet
1. Killer Agony 04:16  
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2. Legions of Hate 02:33  
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3. Vicious Circle 04:19  
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4. Street 04:02  
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5. Stor Kuk (KISS cover)* 01:28  
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Tommy Jee Bass
Guru Lundgren Guitars (rhythm)
Jac Rytterholm Vocals
Anders Häggkvist Drums
Bo Karlsson Guitars (lead)
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*'Stor Kuk' is a Swedish cover of Kiss' song 'Love Gun', literally meaning 'big cock'. It isn't present on all demo copies. The cover is actually acknowledged by Bruce Kulick (KISS Lead Guitarist 1984-96) who said:

"It´s heavy, yet melodic material...Good stuff! The cover of "Love Gun" in swedish is fun and well arranged too, I´m sure Paul (Stanley) would like it..."
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