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Skelator > Give Me Metal or Give Me Death
Skelator - Give Me Metal or Give Me Death
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Give Me Metal or Give Me Death


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1. Nightstalker 05:42   Show lyrics
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2. Riders of Wermacht 04:36   Show lyrics
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3. She-Ra (You Will Be Mine) 04:17   Show lyrics
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4. Skelator 05:43   Show lyrics
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5. The Skelatorian Manifesto 02:29   Show lyrics
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6. Wrath upon the Cross 03:59   Show lyrics
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7. Crusade 08:17   Show lyrics
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8. Give Me Metal or Give Me Death 07:14   Show lyrics
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Read "...But what is this? He is... 95% FATUR April 18th, 2006
This is Skelator's full length demo, recorded in Cubase. Pat came back from North Carolina recorded the drums, played a show and went back. Line up Jason (vox) Robbie (guitar) Nick (guitar) Ben (bass) Pat (drums). This album finalized what these classic Skelator songs should sound like.
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