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Shiva in Exile > Nour نور
Shiva in Exile - Nour نور
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Nour نور

Shiva in Exile

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1. Viva La Revolucion 06:24  
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2. Anubis 04:47  
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3. Ha'Nadi 05:43  
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4. Sah'De 06:59  
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5. Desert of Yunus 04:49  
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6. Sazenu 05:00  
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7. Khundas 04:58  
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8. He'Neya 04:10  
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9. Blue Healing 07:45  
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10. Semazen 04:38  
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11. Belt of Fate 03:53  
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12. We're All One 06:13  
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13. Bullet (feat. Hanin Hannouch) 04:24  
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Stefan Hertrich Synth, Percussion, Programming
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Recorded, mixed and mastered by Thomas Herrmann between February 2006 and January 2008 at Helion Studios, Munich, Germany.
Vocals recorded by Fedor Svolotch at Theo Studios, St. Petersburg, Russia.
Vocals of "Bullet" recorded by Adel "TristMan" in Beirut, Lebanon.
Cover, logo and booklet designed by Alexander Koenig,
Oriental sword dancer graphic by Martina Mahtab
Yana Veva is member of the band Theodor Bastard

Featured instruments:
Balaban, duduk, ney, zurna, kaval, fujara, rag, dun, gai, kanun, douhola, bendir, darbuka, bongo, timpani, dumber, daf, conga, belltree, dreamcatcher, riqq, rainshaker castanets, sagat, spirit catcher, tura, triangle, tambourine, zill, gong, harp, bouzouki, saz, sitar violin, santoor. oud, piano, koto, dobro.

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