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Sexual Carnage


Release date:
September 1990
Catalog ID:
Cogumelo Records
12" vinyl (33⅓ RPM)
2 reviews (avg. 81%)
Side A
1. Intro 00:44   Show lyrics
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2. Psychoneurosis 04:02   Show lyrics
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3. Delirium Tremens 02:49   Show lyrics
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4. The Insatiable Pleasure of Delight 02:30   Show lyrics
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5. Seduced by Evil 03:19   Show lyrics
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Side B
6. Alcoholic Mosh 02:53   Show lyrics
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7. Obscene Symphony 02:47   Show lyrics
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8. Black Church 02:27   Show lyrics
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9. Night Pigs 02:03   Show lyrics
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10. Genital Tumor 04:48   Show lyrics
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Band members
Pussy Ripper (R.I.P. 1997) Vocals
Tommy Simmons Krueger Bass
Eduardo "D.D. Crazy" Drums
Rodrigo "Damned Sentry" Guitars
Miscellaneous staff
Gauguin Engineering
Gauguin Engineering
Read Oh my word! What's that... 77% Byrgan October 3rd, 2010
Read Definitely Their Best 85% CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8 March 24th, 2008

This album was re-released in November 2000 with their first EP, "XXX", and two bonus tracks from a demo tape (unreleased): Intro (Penetration) and Satanás (Sarcófago cover).

Recording information:

Recorded and Mixed in Belo Horizonte, September 1990.

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