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Serenity in Murder > The First Frisson of the World
Serenity in Murder - The First Frisson of the World
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The Highest of Dystopia
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Prelude to Awakening

The First Frisson of the World

Serenity in Murder

Release date:
September 14th, 2011
Catalog ID:
Spiritual Beast
1 review (avg. 60%)
1. The First Frisson of the World 04:30   Show lyrics
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2. RequieM 05:17   Show lyrics
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3. Defenders of the Faith 04:44   Show lyrics
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4. Horn of Ending 03:43   Show lyrics
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5. The Tragedy 03:28   Show lyrics
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6. Defamiliarization 03:17   Show lyrics
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7. The Holocaust to Dead Line 04:41   Show lyrics
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8. Infact Bellum 04:41   Show lyrics
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9. In Hell of Heaven 05:01   Show lyrics
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Takumi Bass
Shohei Drums
Freddy Guitars (lead)
Ryuji Guitars (lead)
Shuntaro Synthesizers
Emi Vocals
Read Well-meaning, but flawed... 60% Diamhea January 30th, 2014

¥2,700 (Tax Incl.)

Drums on this album played by Kazuki
except track 1 & 9, played by Shohei

Art Work & Member Photo by WATARU NAKADA
Jacket Photo by Mark Robinson & Paul Hartyanszky

Recording information:

Produced by Hiro and Serenity In Murder
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Hiro at STUDIO PRISONER, Japan, 2011

"Defenders of the Faith", "Defamiliarization" and "Infact Bellum" recorded in May 2010 at STUDIO PRISONER
"RequieM", "Horn of Ending", "The Tragedy" and "The Holocaust to Dead Line" recorded in October 2010 at STUDIO PRISONER
"The First Frisson of the World" and "In Hell of Heaven" recorded in May 2011 at STUDIO PRISONER

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