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Senmuth > Narration of Time
Senmuth - Narration of Time
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Narration of Time


Release date:
May 2008
Catalog ID:
None yet
1. Ubar, Ghost of Desert 02:24   instrumental
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2. Persepolise Gate of Xerxes 05:21   instrumental
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3. Afar Danakil 04:01   instrumental
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4. Obelisk Narration 05:07   instrumental
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5. The Sipadan Necropolis of Sea Turtles 06:27   instrumental
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6. Leptis Magna 05:01   instrumental
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7. Oracle in Delphi 03:51   instrumental
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8. Semiramida's Gardens 03:38   instrumental
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9. Sumeru 04:53   instrumental
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10. Mediterranean 04:16   instrumental
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11. Swimming to Dilmun 03:32   instrumental
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12. Antiquity Phantoms 06:40   instrumental
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Senmuth - all instruments, samples and programming

Released online by Ixtlan Industries.

Senmuth's notes on the album:
"The next trip of the world, plunging into the atmosphere of different religions and mysterious places."

Other notes:
- The song "Ubar, Chost Of Desert" got its name from a name for a lost city on the Arabian Peninsula.
- The song "The Sipadan Necropolis of Sea Turtles" got its name from an underwater turtle graveyard on the island of Sipadan (the only oceanic island in Malaysia).
- The song "Oracle In Delphi" got its name from the Greek ruin of Delphi, where the most important oracle in the Greek world resided.
- The song "Semiramida's Gardens" got its name from Semiramis, a legendary queen.
- The song "Sumeru" got its name from the central world-mountain in Buddhist cosmology.

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