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Madinat al-Mayyit


Release date:
January 14th, 2009
Catalog ID:
1 review (avg. 86%)
1. Syria 02:27   instrumental
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2. Ain Dara 04:22   instrumental
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3. Ishtar 04:11  
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4. Qatoure 01:38   instrumental
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5. Apamea 02:34   instrumental
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6. Baalbek 04:15   instrumental
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7. Darkita 05:12   instrumental
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8. Tadmor 04:24   instrumental
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9. Ebla 05:36   instrumental
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10. Persepolis 05:41   instrumental
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11. Qalb Lozeh 03:29   instrumental
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12. Ziqqurat 06:06   instrumental
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13. Serjillah 04:38   instrumental
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14. Levant 05:49   instrumental
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Band members
Senmuth Guitars, Samples
Annie Red Hat Vocals (female)
Senmuth Guitars, Samples
Annie Red Hat Vocals (female)
Read Middle-eastern uprising 86% Crick May 23rd, 2009

Released online by Ixtlan Industries.

Senmuth's notes on the album:
"The album is dedicated to the dead cities of Lebanon, Syria and Persia. Dedicated to the expedition of the Laboratory of Alternative History led by Andrew Sklyarov."

Other notes:
- The album title is Arabic for "Dead City".
- The track titles mainly get their names from locations in Lebanon, Syria and Persia.
- Tracks 6, 10 and 12 are remixes of songs from "Path of Satiam", "Narration of Time" and "Aeonica Monumentarium", respectively.
- Senmuth considers them to be "bonus tracks".
- Annie Red Hat does guest vocals on "Ishtar".
- Once again, several tracks were used in a documentary produced by the "Laboratory of Alternative History" group.

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