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Senmuth > Er Hu Peret Em Heru
Senmuth - Er Hu Peret Em Heru
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Er Hu Peret Em Heru


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1. Lo Manthang 01:41   instrumental
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2. Hal Tarxien 05:19   instrumental
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3. Unknowable Elysium 04:28   instrumental
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4. Kitab al-Mayyit 06:39   instrumental
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5. Saturnus Clouds 06:46   instrumental
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6. 5 Days for the Birth of 5 Gods 03:26   instrumental
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7. Exerro 06:45   instrumental
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8. Oddotaa 04:52   instrumental
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9. Ways of Researchers Are Inscrutable 05:48   instrumental
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10. Hatp-Hatatbu 06:25   instrumental
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11. Kheperi 08:08   instrumental
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12. Tribe Rebellious 09:46   instrumental
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Senmuth - all instruments, samples and programming

Released online by Ixtlan Industries.

Senmuth's notes on the album:
"The latest hour of ethno-doom-instrumental epic of our friend Senmuth.

The author himself characterized the album like this: continued ethnic travel deep into the soul and the centuries."

Other notes:
- The song "Lo Manthang" got its name from a walled-in village in Nepal.
- The song "Hal Tarxein" got its name from a prehistoric Maltese temple with an earth-mother statue.
- The song "Unknowable Elysium" got its name from Elysium, a Greek part of the Underworld.
- The song "Kitab al-Mayyit" got its name from the Egyptian text of the same name. It means "Book of the Dead Man".
- The song "Kheperi" got its name from Khepri, an Egyptian solar deity.

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