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Tales Told by Dead Men

Send More Paramedics / Zombie Apocalypse

Release date:
July 12th, 2005
Catalog ID:
Hell Bent
None yet
1. Zombie Apocalypse - Just Meat 00:48   Show lyrics
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2. Zombie Apocalypse - God I Hope the Data Is Lying 01:04   Show lyrics
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3. Zombie Apocalypse - Breaking Off Fingers 02:58   Show lyrics
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4. Zombie Apocalypse - Murder Be a Lady Tonight 01:28   Show lyrics
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5. Zombie Apocalypse - Tale Told by a Dead Man 04:48   Show lyrics
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6. Send More Paramedics - From the Void 02:51   Show lyrics
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7. Send More Paramedics - Zombie Versus Shark 02:24   Show lyrics
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8. Send More Paramedics - Funeral 01:49   Show lyrics
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9. Send More Paramedics - Nothing Tastes like This 03:22   Show lyrics
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10. Send More Paramedics - This Is the Place of Wailing and the Gnashing of Teeth 02:42   Show lyrics
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Send More Paramedics
XundeadX Bass
El Diablo Drums
Medico Guitars
B'Hellmouth Vocals
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Split release with another "zombiecore" band, Zombie Apocalypse.

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