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Seges Findere > Massacre Supremacista
Seges Findere - Massacre Supremacista
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Massacre Supremacista

Seges Findere

Release date:
August 10th, 2009
Catalog ID:
Die Todesrune Records
500 copies
None yet
1. Intro 02:07  
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2. Superior Kult ov Totenkopf 03:46  
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3. Infuriated 04:26  
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4. Spread Hate Crime 02:36  
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5. Burn Judea Porks 01:47  
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6. Pogromistic Prophecy 02:31  
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7. Intolerant Black Metal Warskins 01:29  
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8. Worship the Absolute Terror 02:36  
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9. Purified by Warlokaust 01:33  
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10. The Conqueror Speech 02:41  
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11. Invokation ov Bubonic Slaughterisation 01:20  
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12. Iron Resistance 03:39  
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13. Apokalyptic Wolves ov Waffen 03:17  
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14. Atomize the Breath ov Subhumankind 01:05  
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15. Outro 01:04  
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V. Galtak Guitars, Drums
Strigoi Vocals, Guitars, Bass
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Die-Hard version in DVD box, limited to 100 copies with different cover, flyer, and a button. Released by Nuklear Skinhead Division in Association with Krieg Distro.

Re-released on CD again by Nuklear Skinhead Division with new artwork (German soldiers with wolf faces) in November of 2012.

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