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Carved in Stigmata Wounds

Secrets of the Moon

Release date:
April 22nd, 2004
Lupus Lounge
2 reviews (avg. 84%)
1. Crowns 03:17  
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2. Cosmogenesis 07:03   Show lyrics
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3. Miasma 08:03   Show lyrics
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4. Psychoccult Hymn 07:11   Show lyrics
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5. To the Ultimate Embers and Ash 07:35   Show lyrics
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6. Kaosthrone 07:45   Show lyrics
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7. Evolution Valour Admission 09:06   Show lyrics
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8. Epoch 07:09   Show lyrics
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9. Carved in Stigmata Wounds 12:22   Show lyrics
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10. Dust 02:32  
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Band members
Daevas Vocals, Bass
sG Guitars, Vocals
Thrawn Thelemnar Drums
Patrick Damiani Keyboards
Cornelius Mikael Waldner Piano
Daevas Vocals, Bass
sG Guitars, Vocals
Thrawn Thelemnar Drums
Read A little over average 70% rpopescu November 15th, 2012
Read Progressive Black Metal or... 98% GriffinLOG February 10th, 2009
"Dust" was performed by Cornelius Waldner (Sagittarius).

The album was published in three different editions. One regular CD, a limited digipak-version containing a 4-track bonus-CD, and a limited double-LP.

The album is split into three parts.
Part one is called "Prophecy" and includes tracks 1-4.
Part two is called "Destiny" and includes tracks 5-7.
Part three is called "Extinction" and includes tracks 8-10.

The 4 tracks on the limited bonus-CD The Ambience of a Dead Star are:

1. The Lonesome (04:41)
2. The Devils Tempest (09:01)
3. The Rite of Mercury (04:58)
4. The Protagonist (w/ Nostalgia) (Thelema Re-Mix) (Dead Can Dance cover) (07:26)
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