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Sting in the Tail


Release date:
March 19th, 2010
Catalog ID:
Universal Music Group
7 reviews (avg. 74%)
1. Raised on Rock 03:57   Show lyrics
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2. Sting in the Tail 03:12   Show lyrics
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3. Slave Me 02:44   Show lyrics
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4. The Good Die Young 05:14   Show lyrics
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5. No Limit 03:24   Show lyrics
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6. Rock Zone 03:17   Show lyrics
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7. Lorelei 04:31   Show lyrics
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8. Turn You On 04:25   Show lyrics
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9. Let's Rock 03:21   Show lyrics
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10. Sly 05:15   Show lyrics
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11. Spirit of Rock 03:43   Show lyrics
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12. The Best Is Yet to Come 04:34   Show lyrics
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Band members
Klaus Meine Vocals
Matthias Jabs Guitars (lead)
Rudolf Schenker Guitars (rhythm)
Paweł Mąciwoda-Jastrzębski Bass
James Kottak Drums
Tarja Turunen Vocals on 4
Miscellaneous staff
Micke "Nord" Andersson Producer
Martin Hansen Producer
Klaus Meine Vocals
Matthias Jabs Guitars (lead)
Rudolf Schenker Guitars (rhythm)
Paweł Mąciwoda-Jastrzębski Bass
James Kottak Drums
Tarja Turunen Vocals on 4
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Release dates:
Europe, March 19.
North America, March 23.
Japan, April 21.

Originally announced as the band's final studio album. Recorded at a studio in Hannover, Germany with Swedish producers Mikael "Nord" Andersson and Martin Hansen.

Tracks 3, 5, 8 and 12 were originally written during the "Unbreakable" recording sessions.

The US edition does not feature track 9. "Let's Rock".

Bonus track for Japan:
13. Thunder and Lightning (4:33)

Premium Edition 2CD reissue:
Disc 1 :
1-12. The Original Album
13. Dreamers
14. Too Far
15. Miracle (Regular Version)
16. The Good Die Young (New Version)
17. Thunder And Lightning
Disc 2 :
DVD NTSC / Region Code: 0
01 Sting In The Tail (Live Video San Antonio) 08:48
02 The Best Is Yet To Come (Live Video Prague) 04:37
03 Sting In The Tail (EPK - English Version) 06:00
Hour I (music underlaying words) 01:04
Holiday (music underlaying words) 00:59
Wind Of Change (music underlaying words) 00:06
The Good Die Young (music underlaying words) 00:24
Raised On Rock (music underlaying words) 00:56
Lorelei (music underlaying words) 00:26
Sting In The Tail (music underlaying words) 00:59
Rock You Like A Hurricane (music underlaying words) 00:43

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