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Ten Horns - Ten Diadems


Release date:
June 25th, 2002
Catalog ID:
FOG 030
Moonfog Productions
2 reviews (avg. 53%)
1. Filthgrinder 06:42   Show lyrics
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2. Dominions of Satyricon (Remastered) 09:27   Show lyrics
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3. Forhekset 04:31   Show lyrics
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4. Night of Divine Power (Remastered) 05:50   Show lyrics
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5. Hvite Krists Død 08:29   Show lyrics
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6. Mother North 06:26   Show lyrics
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7. Supersonic Journey 07:49   Show lyrics
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8. Taakeslottet (Remastered) 05:52  
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9. Serpent's Rise 03:21   Show lyrics
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10. Repined Bastard Nation 05:43   Show lyrics
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Digipack CD set only, comes in a box. Includes a 30 page booklet with biography and rare photos of the group.

Track 9 "Serpent's Rise" is exclusive to this compilation.

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