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Disgraceful World


Release date:
January 28th, 2002
Primitive Art Records
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1. Disgraceful World 02:33  
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2. Rawdog Rawnatas 03:50  
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3. This Ain't 02:29  
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4. Behold the Dragons of the Revolution 04:22  
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5. Taste of God 02:59  
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6. Fast Eddie Clarke 03:00  
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7. Face the Demon 03:24  
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8. Armed and Organized 04:08  
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9. The Noble Art of Stealing a Nation 04:42  
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10. Jesus City Posh Punks 02:21  
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Produced by Satanarchy and Putzweck.
Recorded in Dog Pound Audio, Stockholm, Sweden.
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