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Satan's Host > Metal from Hell
Satan's Host - Metal from Hell
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Midnight Wind

Metal from Hell

Satan's Host

Release date:
Catalog ID:
WEB 001
Web Records
12" vinyl (33⅓ RPM)
4 reviews (avg. 83%)
Side A - Evil
1. Prelude: Flaming Host 01:22   instrumental
  (loading lyrics...)
2. Black Stelé 03:53   Show lyrics
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3. Into the Veil 04:26   Show lyrics
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4. Metal from Hell 04:17   Show lyrics
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5. King of Terror 04:35   Show lyrics
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Side B - Wicked
6. Strongest of the Night 04:33   Show lyrics
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7. Standing at Death's Door 03:19   Show lyrics
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8. Hell Fire 05:46   Show lyrics
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9. Souls in Exile 07:59   Show lyrics
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Band members
Leviathan Thisiren Vocals
Patrick Evil Guitars
Belial John Phantom Bass
D. Lucifer Stele Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Bill Wiscott Cover art
Wyatt Brumfield Executive producer
Roger Siebel Mastering
Bill Wiscott Cover art
Wyatt Brumfield Executive producer
Roger Siebel Mastering
Read A Most Unholy Nightmare 87% Nightmare_Reality July 24th, 2012
Read Harry Conklin 85% Xeogred October 2nd, 2007
Read Atypical Diversity. 85% DeathFog May 27th, 2005
Read The Kings of Hell (nudge,... 76% Gutterscream March 23rd, 2005

Original first pressing only available on 12" vinyl.
Available on grey, black, red & clear vinyl.

The clear vinyl version is a bootleg, along with some versions of the red vinyl.
The bootleg is identifiable by the sparkling cover. The original cover is dull and thick.

Matrix IDs of the original red vinyl:

A: WEB 001 "Wicked" S - 15001
B: WEB 001 "Side Evil" S - 15002

Digitally remastered in 2002.

Re-released on CD in 2004 by Old Metal Records.

Remastered and re-released on 12" picture vinyl on July 19th, 2007 by Horror Records, limited to 500 copies. All copies include a poster and a lyric sheet.
- 250 copies of the "Devil" version include a yellow devil on the B-side
- 250 copies of the "Satan's Host" version include a band picture on the B-side.
First 100 copies of both versions include an embroidered patch.

Horror Records also released a misprinted version on yellow/black vinyl in only 13 copies. It comes with photography of the band and information about the record on A4 paper.

Re-released on vinyl in January, 2008. Limited to:
- 310 copies on black vinyl
- 190 copies on yellow vinyl

Remastered and re-released on CD on April 25th, 2014 by Skol Records, limited to 666 copies. Includes 6 bonus tracks from the unreleased album "Midnight Wind".

Recording information:

Recorded at Avalanche Studios.
Mastered at Wakefield.


A: WEB 001 "Wicked" S - 15001
B: WEB 001 "Side Evil" S - 15002

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