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Sargatanas > The Enlightenment
Sargatanas - The Enlightenment
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The Enlightenment


Release date:
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Conquistador Records
1 review (avg. 85%)
1. Eternal Darkness 03:41   Show lyrics
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2. Fear and Suffering 05:26   Show lyrics
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3. The Proclamation 04:50   Show lyrics
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4. Diatribe of the Occult 03:57   Show lyrics
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5. Ritual of the Advent 04:31   Show lyrics
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6. Satan's Curse (Possessed cover) 04:36   Show lyrics
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7. Satanist 04:07   Show lyrics
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8. Veneration of the Black Mark in the Ancestral Forest 06:03   Show lyrics
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9. Doom of Fire 05:12   Show lyrics
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10. Sargatanas 04:20   Show lyrics
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11. Blessed Are the Sons of the Black Flame 06:28   Show lyrics
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12. The Enlightenment 06:54  
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Lord Sargatanas Guitars
Anathama's God Bass, Backing Vocals
Urantial's Emperor Drums
Amon Guitars, Vocals
Read Decent stuff! 85% Werewolf December 18th, 2009

Artcover By Mictlantecuhtli
Artwork By [Layout] – Alex Kurtagic

Recording information:

Recorded & Mixed By J.J. Laveaga & Sargatanas.
Producer By Conquistador Records.

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