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Saluth o/o/o/ > Ultymatywne spopielenie
Saluth o/o/o/ - Ultymatywne spopielenie
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Ultymatywne spopielenie

Saluth o/o/o/

Release date:
November 1st, 2011
Catalog ID:
None yet
1. Prawdziwy ciężki metal 07:07  
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2. Grzmotomłoty 04:22  
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3. Heavy Metal Fire 03:58  
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4. AB - Europy płomień 04:21   Show lyrics
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5. Marsz w cieniu feniksa skrzydeł 05:02   Show lyrics
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6. Strach 04:05  
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7. Zbyt długo zginam kark 04:48   Show lyrics
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8. Potęgi blask 06:09  
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9. Revolution 9/11 06:12   Show lyrics
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10. Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea 05:04  
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11. Sława wolnej Polsce! 06:28  
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12. Dni których nie znamy (Marek Grechuta cover) 03:58  
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Unfortunately, due to unclarity, there are two different tracklists. The one on Metallum is the one Saluth o/o/o/ posted on Bandcamp (no longer available). Another tracklist consists of 8 songs--two of which are not included on Bandcamp/Encyclopaedia Metallum: "Goreją Wici, ku Walce Najwyższy Czas!" (with Warraha) and "95 to Ground". Both songs and alternative tracklist can be found here.

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