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Das schwarze Einmaleins

Saltatio Mortis

Release date:
August 16th, 2013
Catalog ID:
MZR CD 640
Version desc.:
Russian licensed CD
Mazzar Records
1 review (avg. 80%)
1. Früher war alles besser 03:58   Show lyrics
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2. Wachstum über alles 03:42   Show lyrics
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3. Krieg kennt keine Sieger 03:48   Show lyrics
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4. Der Kuss 03:30   Show lyrics
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5. My Bonnie Mary 03:23   Show lyrics
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6. Sandmann 04:12   Show lyrics
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7. Satans Fall 03:58   Show lyrics
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8. Idol 04:25   Show lyrics
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9. IX 04:14   Show lyrics
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10. Galgenballade 04:10   Show lyrics
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11. Abrakadabra 04:33   Show lyrics
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12. Nur ein Traum 03:27   Show lyrics
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13. Randnotiz 02:47   Show lyrics
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14. Schloss Duwisib 03:21  
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Falk Irmenfried von Hasen-Mümmelstein Hurdy gurdy, Bagpipes, Shawms
Lasterbalk der Lästerliche Drums, Davul
Alea der Bescheidene Vocals, Bagpipes, Shawms, acoustic Guitars, Bouzouki
Bruder Frank Bass, Chapman Stick, Electric Upright
El Silbador Bagpipes, Shawms, Uilleann Pipe, Whistles, Small-Pipe, Highland-Pipe
Jean Méchant der Tambour Percussions, Guitars, Bouzouki, Piano, Programming, Vocals
Luzi das L Bagpipes, Shawms, Whistles, Flutes
Till Promill Guitars, Guitars (acoustic), Bouzouki, Vocals
Read Folk metal fun ride with... 80% kluseba July 15th, 2014

The album was the first of the band to reach the number one position in the German charts.

Reissued under exclusive license from Napalm Records.

Videos were made for Früher war alles besser and Wachstum über alles.

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