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The Killing System

Saddleback Shark

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1. Hello Young Lovers 00:23  
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2. Blistered 04:39  
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3. Maximum Jet 04:17  
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4. SkyRocketHead 04:33  
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5. Am I Dead Sam? 03:58  
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6. The Whipping Tree 04:25  
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7. Freedom Noose 04:29  
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8. The Killing System 04:27  
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9. Infested 04:28  
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10. 13 Days 04:16  
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11. 2 Love Birds 01:28  
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12. Staple Gun 04:36  
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13. Headache (Demo) 06:03  
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14. Alien Abductions 03:41  
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15. Good Luck 00:20  
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Features some joke unnamed tracks at the end (tracks 38-40).

All songs written by Saddleback Shark,
except "Alien Abduction" written by Drew Collins.
All lyrics written by Drew Collins.
Recorded and mixed at R.E.M. Studios.
"Headache" and "Alien Abduction" recorded and mixed at Musi-Col Studios.
All of Rob`s leads were recorded in his bedroom.

Re-released in 2008, by Retrospect Records.

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