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Spells and Incantations: The Best of Sacred Oath

Sacred Oath

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Angel Thorne
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1. Blood Storm 05:01   Show lyrics
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2. Death Is Inevitable 04:47   Show lyrics
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3. Meet Your Maker 04:58  
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4. Counting Zeros 06:57   Show lyrics
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5. Two Powers 04:35   Show lyrics
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6. Worlds upon the Stone 05:48   Show lyrics
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7. World on Fire 07:04  
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8. Darkness Visible 06:02   Show lyrics
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9. Caught in the Arc 04:48   Show lyrics
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10. A Crystal Vision (live) 05:03   Show lyrics
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11. Calm Before the Storm 05:20   Show lyrics
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12. Sandrider 09:08  
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13. Wings of Salvation (previously unreleased bonus track) 05:08  
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14. Posers Must Die (previously unreleased bonus track) 02:50  
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