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Sacrament ov Impurity > A World Beheld by Damnation
Sacrament ov Impurity - A World Beheld by Damnation
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A World Beheld by Damnation

Sacrament ov Impurity

Release date:
April 15th, 2010
Catalog ID:
None yet
1. In the Beginning 03:45  
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2. A World Beheld by Damnation 04:55  
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3. Raptured Be the Soils ov Jesuit Manifests 05:39  
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4. Behold... the Imperial Ice Coffin ov the Slumbering Ancient 05:55  
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5. Crucifixion ov the Nazarene Under the Golgotha Sunrise 04:53  
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6. Frozen in the Eternal Godless Winter 06:57  
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7. Eye ov the Storm 04:03  
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8. Blackened Skies Under a Dying Sun 04:54  
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9. Burn Your Church, Burn Your Bible, Kill Yourself 03:35  
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10. Seeking Ecstasy Within the Torment ov Forsaken Souls 04:40  
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11. Beckoned to the Dusk Embraced Forest by the Mighty Ravens Call 06:38  
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12. As Darkness Fell, the Heavens Wept Tears ov Unfathomable Sorrows 11:04  
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Samhain Drums
The Butcher Guitars
XephilaX Vocals, Bass
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200 copies.
Cover photo: "The Ravin" by Peter Lamata

Free digital version available on Reverbnation/Facebook profile containing tracks from 1 to 11.

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