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Antarctic Harmageddon

Sabbat / Magnesium

Release date:
June 22nd, 2000
Catalog ID:
Evil Records
12" vinyl
None yet
Side A
1. Sabbat - Night of the Living Dead  
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2. Sabbat - Flame on the Circle   Show lyrics
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3. Sabbat - Black Fate (Voidd cover)   Show lyrics
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4. Sabbat - 地獄の炎が (Jigoku no honoo ga) (Hellfire, Japanese version)  
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Side B
5. Satanas - Blood Stained Holy Cross  
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6. Magnesium - Magnesium Lady (Wild remix)  
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7. Disarm - Enola Gay  
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8. Disarm - Stop  
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9. Sabbat - Black Fire (Special version, live)   Show lyrics
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Gezol Bass, Vocals
Zorugelion Drums
Temis Osmond Guitars, Vocals
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Collaboration release by Evil Records and H.M.S.S. Records.

Recording information:

Tracks 1-4 (Side A) produced by Sabbat.
Tracks 1-3 recorded and mixed at Studio Lights, Ghostrain Studio and Witch's Mill Studio, 2001.
Track 4 recorded and mixed at Studio IMI Light, 2000.

Tracks 5-9 (Side B) mixed at Tokyo Mental Hospital by Samm in 2001.

Satanas was Samm's band during the temporarily split-up of Sabbat in 1987. Samm played bass (instead of drums) and vocals. Zorugelion played drums. Recording is from 1988.

Magnesium is Samm's current band. Recording is from 1996.

Disarm was Zorugelion's High School band. Recording is from 1986.

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