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Running Wild > Heavy Metal like a Hammerblow
Running Wild - Heavy Metal like a Hammerblow
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Heavy Metal like a Hammerblow

Running Wild

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1. Intro 01:40  
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2. Hallow the Hell 01:30   Show lyrics
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3. Warchild 02:29   Show lyrics
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4. Adrian S.O.S. 02:49   Show lyrics
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5. Chains and Leather 05:42   Show lyrics
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6. Genghis Khan (live) 04:11   Show lyrics
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7. Soldiers of Hell (live) 03:23   Show lyrics
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Read I Underestimated This One 80% OzzyApu June 7th, 2010

A demo compilation - released by the band themselves. All the songs except for the intro appeared previously on the 1981 demo (tracks 2-3), the first 1983 demo (tracks 4-5), and the 1983 live demo (tracks 6-7).

(There is one more song, King of the Midnight Fire, on the 1981 demo that did not appear here.)

A version of this tape exists with only the first five tracks, but the 7 song version is much more prevalent. There is also a bootleg that has these 7 tracks, and an 8th live track: "Running Wild", recorded in October '83.

The song "Warchild" is not the same song as the song with the same title from the "Port Royal" album.

Some bootleg edition have full version of demo'81 (Intro + 3 tracks) + these live tracks:
1. Preacher
2. Metal till Death
3. ?
4. Running Wild

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