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Rune Skogen

Release date:
July 8th, 2011
Catalog ID:
Terror Records
None yet
1. Welten Uneinigkeit 08:16   Show lyrics
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2. Der Faustische Duft 06:24   Show lyrics
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3. Schweifend durch die Zone 08:09   Show lyrics
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4. Ingremenghul 09:23   Show lyrics
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5. Elektrisches Licht 02:20   instrumental
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6. Absinth 07:08   Show lyrics
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7. Der Himmel wird sich auftun 07:29   Show lyrics
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8. Die Zweite Geburt 09:44   Show lyrics
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9. Martyrium 03:20   Instrumental
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10. Entschwunden meinem Geiste 08:56   Show lyrics
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11. Gedankenkontrolle 01:45   Instrumental
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12. Wenn du alleine Warst... 06:40   Show lyrics
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Count Darkhold Drums
König Kidolfr Vocals. Guitars, Keyboards
Violent Drunk Vocals, Bass
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Limited to 500 Copies.
Recorded October 16, 2010 at Remscheid Donner Sounds, Tontechnik.

The front cover does not represent the nuclear disaster in Fukushima!

Elektrisches Licht was an ambient combination from project of Terror und Rebbeca in the Planet. Full version was more the six minutes long, and will be released on the Dead vang Gogh can dance EP.

Guests in Studio:
Laura Teuwen(Absinth)
Erika Hampel(Gedankenkontrolle)
Jörg Rückbrot(Entschwunden meinem Geiste)
Dennis Wagenführ(Die Zweite Geburt)
Johnny Bloodfire(Absinth)
Alexander SchmidtElektrisches Licht/Der Himmel wird sich auftun)
Marvin Goebler(Blasphemer will realesed on the EP)

Sampels from Movies:
American Psycho
Der Nonnen Spiegel
So Lang die Nacht
Nachrichten vom Columbine Massacre/11. September
Abschiedsrede des Yukio Mishima

The song "Wenn du alleine warst..." was released on the sampler "Mit Streitaxt und Gewehr". The sampler was a compilation from the labels Terror Records, Astru Versand und Helheim Productions.

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