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Just a Matter of Splatter

Tu Carne

Release date:
Bizarre Leprous Production
None yet
1. Rompeprop - LullabysexualAndreH-6-6-6 01:11  
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2. Rompeprop - I Am the Dolphin Sprayhole Fucker 02:45   Show lyrics
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3. Rompeprop - As She Licks My Only Ball.... 03:27   Show lyrics
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4. Rompeprop - Lubricate the Fucksaw!! 02:06   Show lyrics
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5. Rompeprop - BodyBagBitch 03:41   Show lyrics
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6. Rompeprop - Donkeypunch (Peter Pan) 02:28   Show lyrics
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7. Rompeprop - We Want Gore!! 01:55   Show lyrics
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8. Rompeprop - Over & Outro 00:36  
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9. Tu Carne - Mi Miembro No Responde 03:01   Show lyrics
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10. Tu Carne - Desde lo Infecto 02:23   Show lyrics
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11. Tu Carne - Ama de Casa Viciosa y Lasciva Ofrece Sexo Extremo 00:35   Show lyrics
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12. Tu Carne - Asesino de Masas 01:28   Show lyrics
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13. Tu Carne - Sintoma de EnajenaciĆ³n Mental 02:54   Show lyrics
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14. Tu Carne - Embalsamamiento Organico Postcoital 03:32   Show lyrics
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Tu Carne:
Recorded and mixed at Estudios Iguana (San Vicente) October 2003.
Sound engineered by Ricky Ramirez.

Recorded at La Grange Studio, Eindhoven, December 2003.
Mastered at The Void Studios, Eindhoven, January 2004.
Layout and Internet surfs by Bas van den Boom (
All musick and lyrcocks by Rompeprop except "Donkeypunch" by Peter Pan Speedrock.
Rompeprop pictures taken by Sylie Roos and Peerte Brinkman

This was Steven's last record with Rompeprop before they continued on as a threesome. His departure is amicably announced in the booklet's linear notes.
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