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Blitz Invasion

Ritual Steel

Release date:
June 2004
Catalog ID:
HE 310704
Hellion Records
None yet
1. Metalbeasts 08:48   Show lyrics
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2. Blitz Invasion 06:56   Show lyrics
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3. Le Division De Fer 04:56   Show lyrics
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4. Tribute (To Rock n Roll) 03:05   Show lyrics
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5. Bitter Blood 04:42   Show lyrics
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6. Forsaken Land 07:26   Show lyrics
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7. Victory 05:08   Show lyrics
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8. Hellfire 07:32   Show lyrics
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Band members
Sir Lord Doom Vocals
Timo Tippmann Guitars
Torsten Lang Guitars
Jesco Wolter bass
Martin Zellmer Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Martin Hanford Cover art (CD version)
Kris Verwimp Cover art (LP version)
Martin Hanford Cover art (CD version)
Kris Verwimp Cover art (LP version)
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Vinyl-Version also released thru Hellion Records with different Cover-Artwork (left Picture) and 1 bonus track:
01. Metalbeasts
02. Blitz Invasion
03. Le Division De Fer
04. Tribute (to Rock n Roll)
05. Bitter Blood
06. Forsaken Land
07. Victory
08. Hellfire
09. Liquid Steel (Live) (bonus track)

'Metalbeasts' is written as one word on the back and as two in the booklet.

Bonus track recorded at Headbangers Open Air (HOA) Festival 2004.


Barcode: 4030118310704

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