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Ritual Steel > A Hell of a Knight
Ritual Steel - A Hell of a Knight
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Metal Supremacy

A Hell of a Knight

Ritual Steel

Release date:
January 2003
Catalog ID:
The Miskatonic Foundation
None yet
1. Preludium 00:57   instrumental
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2. Hell Brigade 05:22   Show lyrics
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3. Where Shall I Sleep? 05:20   Show lyrics
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4. Armageddon Symphony 04:18   Show lyrics
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5. Solar Maiden 02:59   Show lyrics
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6. Master Rage 04:48   Show lyrics
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7. No Escape 06:52   Show lyrics
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8. T.W.O.N. 05:17   Show lyrics
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9. Ritual Steel 07:38   Show lyrics
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Band members
Sir Lord Doom Vocals
Dirk Johannsen Guitars
Timo Tippmann Guitars
Oliver Zühlke Bass
Martin Zellmer Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Martin Hanford Cover art
Martin Hanford Cover art
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Along with this LP also comes a bonus 7" which has two more tracks:

10. Metal Supremacy
11. Necropolis (Manilla road cover)

The back cover of the CD lists the first track as "Preludium" while in the booklet it's called "A Hell of a Knight". Also, "Solar Maiden" has full title "Commandment of the Solar Maiden" in the booklet.

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