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Restore the Balance

Rise to Fall

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1. RedruM 03:12   Show lyrics
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2. Prophet of Doom 04:49   Show lyrics
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3. Inner Scream 03:54   Show lyrics
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4. Rise from Drama 04:06   Show lyrics
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5. Unknown Presence 03:49   Show lyrics
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6. Forbidden Lullaby 04:13   Show lyrics
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7. Infected Wound 04:27   Show lyrics
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8. My Sombre Prospect 03:52   Show lyrics
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9. When the Instinct... 01:04   instrumental
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10. ...Kills the Reason 03:11   Show lyrics
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11. Chasing Infinity 04:35   Show lyrics
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Band members
Xabier Del Val "Txamo" Drums
Hugo Markaida Guitars (lead)
Javier Martin Guitars (rhythm)
Alain "Dalay Tarda" Gutiérrez Vocals
Iñigo López Bass
Aimar Vocals (Track 4)
Miscellaneous staff
Carlos Creator Producer, Recording, Mixing
Jacob Hansen Mastering
Josu Torrealday Cover art (new)
Aimar Vocals (Track 4)
Carlos Creator Producer, Recording, Mixing
Jacob Hansen Mastering
Josu Torrealday Cover art (new)
Read Core defect. 35% Diamhea December 1st, 2014

Recorder and mixed at "The Rockstudios" with Carlos Creator
Produced by Carlos Creator and Rise To Fall
Mastered at Hansen Studios (Denmark) by Jacob Hansen

The band was signed to Coroner Records in 2010, where Ettore Rigotti of Disarmonia Mundi reworked the album and added new solos as well as keyboard and vocal arrangements to the existing tracks. Old cover art was replaced with a new one designed by Josu Torrealday.

Coroner Records release comes with a different track-listing:

1. Redrum
2. Unknown Presence
3. Inner Scream
4. Rise From Drama
5. Prophet Of Doom
6. Infected Wounds
7. Forbidden Lullaby
8. When The Instinct...
9. ...Kills The Reason
10. My Sombre Prospect
11. Chasing Infinity

Bonus tracks for Japan:
12. Rise From Drama (Remix)
13. RTF Live Medley

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