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Riot - Riot in Japan - Live!!
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Riot in Japan - Live!!


Live album
Release date:
April 8th, 1992
Catalog ID:
Sony Music Japan
1 review (avg. 86%)
1. Minutes to Showtime (spoken) 02:02   instrumental
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2. On Your Knees... In Tokyo! 03:53   Show lyrics
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3. Metal Soldiers 04:43   Show lyrics
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4. Runaway 05:15   Show lyrics
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5. Tokyo Rose... In Osaka! 02:25   Show lyrics
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6. Rock City 03:16   Show lyrics
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7. Outlaw 04:19   Show lyrics
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8. Killer 03:43   Show lyrics
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9. Skins & Bones - Part 1 (drum solo) 03:17   instrumental
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10. Skins & Bones - Part 2 (drum solo) 02:00   instrumental
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11. Johnny's Back... In Tokyo! 05:24   Show lyrics
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12. Flight of the Warrior 04:08   Show lyrics
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13. Ladies and Gentlemen... Mark Reale (guitar solo) 03:09   instrumental
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14. Japan Cakes (guitar solo) 02:22   instrumental
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15. Narita (guitar solo) 02:09   instrumental
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16. Warrior 05:39   Show lyrics
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17. The Dressing Room / The Encore Begins... In Tokyo! / The Encore Continues... (spoken) 03:02  
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18. Smoke on the Water... In New York! (Deep Purple cover) 04:40   Show lyrics
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Mark Reale (R.I.P. 2012) Guitars, Vocals (additional)
Tony Moore Vocals (lead)
Bobby Jarzombek Drums
Mike Flyntz Guitars
Pete Perez Bass
Read Rioting in the streets of... 86% hells_unicorn June 1st, 2008

The album came out as a Japan only live recording at first. Later it became part of a special 2 CD issue of "The Brethen of the Long House" which had been issued in Germany. The live album was issued worldwide in the year 2000 through Metal Blade Records.

Track 18. Smoke on the Water... In New York! (Deep Purple cover) is a bonus track recorded at studio in time of sessions to album "The Privilege of Power".

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