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Revel in Flesh

Release date:
March 23rd, 2012
Catalog ID:
F.D.A. Rekotz
5 reviews (avg. 77%)
1. Culpa et Inferna 04:17   Show lyrics
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2. Shadowbreeder - Until Hell Freezes Over 03:30   Show lyrics
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3. Wings of Death 04:37   Show lyrics
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4. Iron Coffin 06:43   Show lyrics
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5. Bloodfeast 03:37   Show lyrics
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6. Slavish Obedience 04:53   Show lyrics
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7. Opus Putrescence 03:46   Show lyrics
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8. Black Paled Elegy 05:03   Show lyrics
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9. Crowned in Darkness 05:53   Show lyrics
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10. Subconscious Error (Benediction cover) 03:36   Show lyrics
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Band members
Maggesson Drums, Guitars (lead)
Haubersson Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Miscellaneous staff
Dan Swanö Mastering
Juanjo Castellano Artwork
Maggesson Drums, Guitars (lead)
Haubersson Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Dan Swanö Mastering
Juanjo Castellano Artwork
Read Revel in Swedish death metal 80% dismember_marcin July 22nd, 2012
Read Excellent Swedish death... 90% MrVJ June 27th, 2012
Read Deathevokation 75% todesengel89 April 17th, 2012
Read Deathevokation 75% SmithMetal84 March 23rd, 2012
Read Schwäbisch Swedeath 65% autothrall March 23rd, 2012

The LP comes with inlay, outdoor sticker and glossy A3 poster. Limited to 300 black, 100 green and 100 red records. The LP contains song "P.T.D." (which is cover of Master's "Pay to Die") as the last song instead of "Subconscious Error" a special and exclusive vinyl-only-track!

Benediction's cover of "Subconscious Terror" is spelled as "Error" due to copyright matters.

Recording information:

Recorded at Vault M. Studio (Germany) during Autumn / early Winter 2011 / 2012.
Mastered at Unisound Studios (Sweden) in January 2012.

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